TamaLearn is an application for free learning of the Tamazight language. Its way of progressively presenting the fundamental basics of this language is based on a fun, playful and intuitive aspect.

How to play

First startup

After installation, you have two choices:

Create an account

Choose a nickname composed of alphanumeric characters (Character "|" forbidden) and a password of at least 6 characters.


If you already have a TamaLearn account, simply enter your login and password.


Different boosters (Need to be activated at each use) allowing you to advance faster or help you during the classes:


Available from level 5, as its name suggests it will help you find two answers a day (if activated) without giving it to you.

XP ×2

Available from level 10, it allows you to double the xp earned 10 minutes per day (if activated) allowing you to advance faster in classes.


Available from level 15, it allows you to pass 5 questions per day (if activated).

Account screen

It is divided into two parts:

User Information

Contains some information about the user: level, registration date, total XP, XP of the day (Reset to 0 every day at midnight betting time) and XP of the week (Reset to 0 every Sunday at midnight betting time).


The theme

Changes the color of the background, navigation bar, text and some buttons.

Accent color

Changes the color of titles, some buttons, controls and icons.


Allows you to change the display language and courses (Available languages: Arabic, French and English). Does not alter in any way the player's progress. * Some translations may be inaccurate.


Enables or disables interface sounds.

Difficult mode

Enables or disables the difficult mode (16 exercises per unit instead of 10).

Lessons screen

Each course is represented by a round icon surrounded by a pie chart representing the progress in the course that you can press to see its title. By pressing the title you will be able to access the exercises. Please note that you cannot start a course until you have finished the previous one.

About screen

It allows you to check your version of TamaLearn, access our website, social media and documentation.